Court Approved

Services for Inmates

Services for Inmates

Evaluations and Intakes to Help Set You Free

We understand that, sometimes, conditions of bail require Alcohol and Drug Evaluations, Anger Management Evaluations, Clinical (DUI) Evaluations, Admittance to Family Violence Intervention Program, or a number of other requirements. Because of this, we are happy to arrange a visit to a local (within 25 miles of 30067) jail or prison to help get you or a loved one free. We will send an individual certified to complete the task required to help you post bail as soon as possible. We understand that jail takes a toll on everyone, and we want to help you get out as soon as you get in.

services for inmates in Georgia, Diversion Center

If you need a court-mandated service for an inmate, contact us immediately so we can get the ball rolling.

Our fee for visiting jail is $400, plus the cost of the service. In order to set a day and time for the visit, payment must be made in cash in full. Call Cindy at (770)690-9622 for immediate assistance.

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